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Reap the seeds of what you sow

Kronos rejoiced, at his Father's demise
overthrown and usurped
it was now his time
But much, like his Father before
him paranoia controlling
his fear, twisted his rule

Rhea could, not believe the King
that Kronos chose to be
Much like Uranus, a terrible reign
had he chosen to lead

Taking his children, as new born babes
fresh from Rhea's womb
Kronos would consume
And much, like his Father before him
fate held him no fortune
the cycle would repeat

And with a simple trick Rhea
spared the life of the youngest child
Zeus, his last born son
But Kronos had re-imprisoned
his sibling down in Tartarus
the one eyed Cyclopes
and the Hecatonchires

Raised, by Amalthea
thought dead by his father
Zeus, pledged to turn the tides
strip power of the usurper
Poison, in Kronos' cup
brings him to his knees
regurgitating children whole
Zeus' siblings

Opening the gates
of Tartarus
Free the giants and fight!

A ten year war, of titans and gods
The Titonamachy
the Earth would shake
and the cosmos tremble
The Titanomachy
The Titanomachy
the Earth would shake
The Titanomachy
and the cosmos tremble
The Titanomachy

A ten year war, of titans and gods
The Titonamachy
the Earth would nearly shatter
and the cosmos nearly tear apart

The war waged on and on
years turning to dust
like the mountains
as they were crushed
Zeus' lightning bolts
rain burning pain
upon Kronos and his barbaric ways
Prometheus and Themis
join Olympians relentless
assault upon Mount Othrys
A decade of, mass devastation
The heavens cried

The heavens bled!


from Titanomachy, released September 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Imperium UK

Brutal, unrelenting death metal from the UK.

Imperium harness a Middle Eastern flavour, and root their lyrics in Greek mythos, and ancient Roman history.

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